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Day 16 – a lazy Kalgoorlie Sunday

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Today really was a lazy day. We left the motel around midday and went down to Boulder to look at the monthly market day.

Doing some research last night, we found out that many of the museums in Boulder are currently closed due to earthquake damage. Evidently there was an earthquake on the 20th April 2010 that caused damaged to many historic buildings. (we had wondered why we saw so many with scaffolding around them)
This did make it a pretty short stroll around town and was disappointing as I was hoping to see the historic Philip Goatcher Curtain in the town hall.

Palace Theatre BoulderBoulder Town Hall
The art deco styled Palace Theatre and the Boulder Town Hall.

Some of the classic cars offering rides to raise money for the local cancer charity.

The other item on list for the lazy day was the Mining Hall of Fame, but before that, the superpit lookout once again.

KCGM Superpit

Mining Hall of Fame
The Mining Hall of Fame attraction in Kalgoorlie.



The huge CAT 793C dump truck on display. We did a guided tour up onto the cab deck. Some of the wear marks and bends in the steel were impressive. The rocks in the mine must be incredibly heavy to cause the damage.


The other attraction that we primary went for was the gold pour. A KCGM employee who also works at the Hall of Fame, talked about the process to extract the gold out of the rock and then performed a gold pour into an ingot. In this case, it was only 35% gold (65% copper) as insurance companies won’t let them do a higher percentage.

Gold pourGold! well 35% gold.

The actual Mining Hall of Fame building must still be a work in progress as it had some large areas basically empty.

Tomorrow morning we go on a 2.5 hour tour of the Superpit and associated areas.

Day 12 – 13 – Perth

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Day 12 and 13 were spent getting to Perth and around Perth.

The trip up saw us zigzagin inland and back to the coast. We went into Donnybrook, the apple capital of WA where they have streetlights in the shape of apples. There was supposed to be a big apple in the town but we failed to find it following the vague ‘6km north’ instructions we could find.

We headed back to the coast, going through Bunbury and Australind before heading back inland once again.

Bunbury 2
Bunbury from the lookout tower.

Inland, we went by road and forest track (love it) to find Lake Brockman, North Dandalup Dam and Serpentine Dam and, not surprisingly, found them not particularly full.
Just like in Victoria, they had picnic areas and  and public facilities, and like Victoria, they looked like they had seen better times. I’m sure these places when they were first built, were summer lunch spots by a public that were interested in getting out and about, marvelling at the great engineering feats enabling them to have a city life.
The Serpentine Dam even had even has a cafe / restaurant, but not many people must still visit as the business is for sale.

We probably could have spent the entire day exploring the hills and trails but wanted to get into Fremantle at the reasonable time for dinner at Little Creatures.

Day 13 was the laziest day yet. I caught up with a friend (that now lives in Perth) for lunch and then met Stephen back at the Motel.

Now, then motel. I think I managed to pick the dodgiest motel in town. Red Castle Motel. Avoid it.
There were the ruins of a revolving restaurant out the back along with a heap of rubbish and phone books. There were chalk room number written outside the doors and handrail bannisters with broken welds wired into place.
Best of all, the was a pimp and his prostitute working out of a ground floor room.h

Oh well, I did well with my other accommodation picks.

Live from the Music Theatre Guild Awards 2009

It’s awards night season for the theatre community in Melbourne.

The Music Theatre Guild Awards are tonight followed by the Victorian Drama League Awards tomorrow night.

I have representation in both.
I have two lighting design nominations and am also part of a nominated ensemble group.
On top of that I’m directly related to about 6 other awards for best shows and technical and design awards.

The nominations for the VDL’s are somewhat different with nominations only being announced on the night.
The History Boys should be in with a very good chance for a few awards. Being the Technical Manager of this show I won’t be personally nominated but will be proud of any nominations or awards for the show.

I’ll be posting a few updates at the two ceremonies, and keeping a running commentary on Facebook.
(Ah technology)

Stay tuned.

Call Girl the musical

Well it’s time for a show.

I’m followspotting Call Girl the musical for the next 3 weeks at Chapel off  chapel.

No, it’s not a musical about the escort industry but rather a new Australian musical by Tracy Harvey about a call centre.

The story follows Jean Brown on her first day at a shonky customer contact centre populated by flawed characters, including a money hungry man-eater boss from Caroline Springs, a wheeler dealer salesman of dubious reputation, a vacuous air-head brat and a desperate to prove himself team leader with zero training

I’ve got some tickets available for the previews next week if anyone wants them.

I’m Shout!ing.

Well, I’m on the eve of one of my bigger lighting designs.

It’s for CLOC music theatre’s production of Shout!.

I’ve remembered why I hat big designs for organised companies. It means I have to be organised.
I’m just too good at procrastinating….

On the otherhand, it’s not that hard. I’m using WYSIWYG for all the hard work.
If I really had the time, i’d visualise it as well, not just do the planning in it.

The hardest part with software like this, is getting the initial infastructure into it for each venue. Once you’ve done it once, you re-use it.
In this case, I just imported a 2D CAD drawing of the venue and then went 3D for the LX from there.

Shout! capture from WYSIWYG
Off to print the finished plan & associated paperwork before I get some sleep before my 6am bumpin….
6am! Cruel.

Photos & details from my past 4 or 5 shows soon..

How To Make 105 Minutes Seem Like 105 Minutes (Without Really Trying)

Well, first off, I think this is the year of underlit shows. I’ve just seen another show where the designer, although with good design intent, has missed important ensemble action because of lack of light.Enough said.

Now, something that constantly amazes me is when there is no music during a blackout. With a show as long as HTSIBWRT, it’s important to keep the action moving. It’s the set designers job to create a set that can assist with this. If the set design fails, why do directors and MDs just ignore this and let there be an awkward silence (or not so as we hear crew fumble in the darkness).

I mean really, it’s a no brainer.

Rant out.

Over the Tasmin

I recently ventured south over Bass Straight to see a friend perform back with her former theatre company in Launceston for their 25th aniversery concert.The Princess Theatre is a lovely old venue with Art Deco stylings. I guess regional companies such as Ballarat & Bendigo use venues similar to this as well, but here in Melbourne town, It would be like using Her Maj or The Princess.
I wish the companies I worked with could use such a venue for their shows.
A bit weird not really having a foyer in a cold place like Launceston though…

How was the show? It was a show… with 3 people (including my friend) that actually performed the number they were doing…
I now also know why I generally avoid the South Pacific type shows.. I don’t fall asleep.
When you’re doing a concert, it’s all about the performance of the performer. There is normally no set or costume (or the rest of the show) to support the numbers otherwise.

Also it pays to have comms between the MD and SM or at least the desk op. Many many times, there was an awkward moment of silence with the lights up and performer on stage waiting for the music to start.

Lighting tips of the day:
When using moving lights for over the audience effects, once is enough.
It gets a bit tired being blinded between each musical number.

Programing moving lights?
Make sure you pre-move & pre-set your gobo & position attributes before cues they are in.
That way they won’t fade (move) to their indended position when the fixture also fades up.

Crazy for leongatha

I’m down in Leongatha watching Crazy for you. (It’s interval) All I can say is, I’m loving it!I might occasionally chuckle at some of the production elements of the show, but the cast is really really funny! In a good way. The guys playing the town yolkals are doing it as only country folk could. And you know what? They have some female talent out here, like 20 girls that can tap!
But trust me to have my eye on a girl who’s really interesting to watch, in all regards, only to look in the program and find she’s a secondary student.

Gah! I never touched her I swear!